The “Real” Silent Killer – What Gives Rise to Cancer

With the Information You Are Going to Learn in the Next Few Days About the Hows and Whys of Cancer, You Will Finally Have the Control Over Your Future That You Have Always Wanted.

Not Only Will You Be Getting Exclusive Access to the Information that is “Behind the Curtain” I Mentioned,
You Will Be Able to Control Your Health Now & In the Future.

The Real Silent Killer – The Smoking Gun to the Cause of Most Cancer Is pH or
the Level of Acidity in Your Body!

The Higher the Levels of Acidity in Your Body –

The More Likely You Are to Get –

  • Not Only Cancer but
  • Heart Disease,
  • Stroke,
  • Diabetes,
  • Obesity – which is also a great indicator of future cancer.

Cancer is 1 of the top 3 Killers in the US.

Cancer is a Silent Killer.  You can have it for years and not know it until it is too late.

Cancer can only exist when your body has a specific set of circumstances that are favorable for cancer to develop in the first place, then it grows and become life threatening. 

Unless you get under control the reasons folks get cancer in the 1st place, then you too have the possibility of  Cancer in Your Future. 

You simply can’t afford to ignore this information. 

As I mentioned earlier – The Root Cause of Cancer has been known since 1929.  A Doctor got the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for Finding the Root Cause of Cancer. 

I also mentioned that Elite Group of Scientist, Nutritionist, Natural Doctors and Medical Doctors who know this Root Cause of Cancer. 

I’d like to introduce to a couple of the member of that Elite Group now.

Dr. Otto Warburg – in 1929 he discovered the Root Cause of Cancer.  In 1931, he received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery.  We are hearing more about his discoveries, but you have to hunt and dig to find this information.

Biochemist Otto Heinrich Warburg, one of the twentieth century’s leading cell biologists, discovered that the root cause of cancer is too much acidity in the body . . . .   

 He investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. Below are some direct quotes by Dr. Warburg during medical lectures where he was the keynote speaker: 

“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an excess of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.” 

In his work The Metabolism of Tumours Warburg demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).” 

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception.” 

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” 

I’d also like to introduce –

Dr. Gregory C.D. Young, Ph.D – Author of The “pH Factor” The Real Silent Killer.

He states:   “Is An “Acid pH” (in your body) Really That Dangerous?

Yes, it is! Nothing does well in an acid pH medium. For instance, “acid rain” destroys the natural environment, killing plants and trees, poisoning the life in all lakes and rivers. An acid pH is even more dangerous for your body . . . .

If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain… AN acid pH interferes with all life itself!

Dr. Gregory continues “Can An “Acid pH” Cause Serious Health Problems?

Yes, many! An acid pH is the real “Silent Killer!” Although it may generally go unnoticed and undetected for years, an acid pH leads to the progression of most, if not all, degenerative diseases including Cardiovascular Disease (the #1 killer in the U.S.), Cancer (the #2 killer in the U.S.), and Diabetes, as well as the never ending frustration of excessive systemic weight gain. The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics estimates that if Cardiovascular Disease alone could be eliminated, it would add an additional 9.78 years to our life span! That’s almost 10 years of additional life per person!

I will be introducing you to many more health professional in this Elite Group in the emails to come.

I also want to offer you testimonials of those who have changed the conditions in their body’s to make them uninhabitable to cancers and other diseases.

The science of why and how cancer establishes itself is available.  I will be introducing you to a lot of it.

You will also have the ability to communicate back to me about some of your question and concerns.  I will answer them in an open email as, no doubt, others will have the same unanswered questions.

Suffice to say – This information is vital to your health and your future so be sure not to miss one of my emails to you.

Thank you for subscribing to this information series, you’ll be glad you did.

Dedicated to your healthy future,
Dr. Noreen Picken, BA, DC
Nutritional Researcher & Longevity Specialist

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